Nanrobot lightning 2.0
Nanrobot lightning 2.0
Nanrobot lightning 2.0
Nanrobot lightning 2.0
Nanrobot lightning 2.0
Nanrobot lightning 2.0

    Nanrobot lightning 2.0

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    The LIGHTNING is designed for budget-conscious customers, this would be an excellent option for most of demanding riders. The 8-inch wide and solid tires, front and rear spring shock absorbers provide a surprisingly smooth riding experience, and absolutely NO punctures anymore.

    Budget-friendly Beast 

    If there’s anything NANROBOT is known for, it is being the industry-leading brand for top-tier scooters. But, with excellent qualities and top-tech capacities come high prices too. Well, hurrah!  

    The NANROBOT Lightning is here to offer you all that is within your budget capacity. Say hello to the latest-tech braking, suspension and acceleration features in a more compact and budget-friendly package which is the Lightning. 

    Fast as Lightning

    Undeniably fast, the Nanrobot Lightning is powered by dual 800W motors (adding up to 1600W in dual-drive) that quickly gear up to a max speed of 30 MPH. 

    At the motors’ peak, you are certainly gonna get more than that. And with its 48V 18AH Dynavolt battery, you are guaranteed 20-25 mile range on the TURBO mode and more with ECO.

    It’s Time to ‘Brake’ Free 

    The scooter was carefully designed to offer you not only top features but also ultra-efficiency. NANROBOT Lightning’s 8-inch solid tires, front and rear spring shock absorbers provide an unsurprisingly smooth experience and maximum riding enjoyment. 

    The front and rear disc brakes offer exceptional stopping power. And at the same time, the ergonomic-designed handlebars enhance your ride control. Do you know you can also opt for the Lightning’s comfy scooter seat?

    Why go for NANROBOT Lightning?

    Lightweight and portable

    High speed and acceleration 

    Stable, comfy and safe ride 

    Maximum enjoyment 



    Size 45.2*23.9*49.4in
    Range 20-25MILES/30-40KM
    Dual Drive 800W x 2
    Max Speed 30 MPH / 48 KMH
    Lithium Battery 48V 18A
    Tire 8-inch(wide wheel) Solid tires
    Net weight 65 lbs / 29Kg
    Load capacity MAX 280lbs / 130kg
    Brake Dual disc brake
    Charger 2 ports (comes with 1 charger)
    Charging time 4-5h with 2 chargers, 8-10h with 1
    1. The above is testing data from the NANROBOT laboratory. It might differ from the actual numbers you get when riding, depending on riding habits, terrain, temperature, and rider weight.
    2. The product pictures shown above are for reference only. The actual product might be a bit different from the above in size and specs, depending on the ordered product. 
    3. You should wear protective gear (helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads) when riding and strictly abide by local laws and regulations when riding on public roads.
    4. The product is recommended to be ridden on a flat road. Please avoid bumpy roads, slippery roads, potholes, sewers, stairs, snow, watersides, stoves, flower beds, expansion joints, construction roads, debris, and other irregular surfaces and obstacles. If you encounter irregular road surfaces such as speed bumps and potholes while riding, please hold the handlebars with both hands and keep riding at a slow and steady pace.
    Do not charge unattended!
    Do not charge over 12h!



    Warning: It is illegal to ride electric scooters on public roads, pavements or cyclepaths in the UK. They are intended only for use on private land with the owner’s permission. It is the complete responsibility of the customer to ensure that you operate you’re E-Scooter with in all country and local laws. The customer assumes all liability and risk associated with the use of Eazy Riderz products and holds Eazy Riderz LTD and its owners free from any liability caused by their use.

    Actual mileage range may vary – weight, terrain and weather dependent.