Duotta S26 Electric Bicycle
Duotta S26 Electric Bicycle

    Duotta S26 Electric Bicycle

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    The Trustworthy Partner for Experienced Riders. Featuring a robust dual 750-watt motor system and a reliable 20AH LG&Samsung battery, the long-range ebike S26 provides versatile riding capabilities. This electric pedal bike seamlessly transitions between pure and pedal-assist modes, expanding your range to 120-150 km with long-lasting battery performance.

    Unmatched Stability for Endless Exploration

    Embark on endless exploration with unwavering determination aboard the Duott's long-range ebike S26, where "S" signifies solidity and steadfastness. With a sturdy 26-inch aluminum alloy frame and 26*4.0-inch inflatable tires weighing 42kg, this full-suspension ebike epitomizes resilience. In electric mode, effortlessly traverse 50-70km while intelligent pedal assist extends your journey to 120-150km, mirroring the endurance of a seasoned rider. With the electric pedal bike S26, every ride promises a voyage of stability.

    Dual motors for enhanced power

    Equipped with a 750W motor both in the front and rear, the S26 provides 1500W of power in dual-drive mode, resulting in increased speed and power. The ability to switch between single and dual drive modes with the press of a button allows riders to adapt to various terrains with ease.