Warranty claims and faulty products

by Colin Oneill on January 12, 2023

If you have received a faulty product, please contact the retailert you purchased your e-scooter from straight away. Please attach any photos or vides or the fault by email. Please ensure you do not ride the e-scooter as once you have ridden it if broken we are unable to replace the item. 

If your e-scooter develops a manufacturing fault through normal use ( as outlined in the manufacturers manual) then  please use the following contact details to claim a warranty repair. 

For Ducati,Jeep,Lamborghini,Aprilia,Argento and VR46 email or call the service centre on : urbane-mobility_uk@sertec360.com or +44(0)20 452 44011

For Nanrobot,8TEV or Swifty scooters please use service@moovelectric.co.uk or +44(0)1228 587 807

The following information needs to be sent to log a claim with the service centre: 

Customer name

Email address

Phone number

Collection address

Serial numer of scooter (usually found on or under deck)

Proof of purchase (attach the order invoice or receipt)

Fault description (ideally include photos and video)

Our after sales assistance does not include faults that have been caused by: 

Incorrect usage or adjustments, lack of maintenance and/or use of the product that is not in complaince with the manufacturers instruction manual

Conditions, malfunctions or damage caused by the use of non-original parts or unauthorised circuit and configuration change, (speed hacks etc)

Collisions, accidental falls, crashes or punctures of the products.

Use,exposure or storage of the products in an inappropriate enviroment (rain,mud,exposure to moisture or excessive heat, contact with sand or other substances)

Lack of maintenance or improper use of the battery and tyres (burnouts,skidding)

Improper use of the products including riding the e-scooter with more than one passenger,maintenance,repairs and/or technical interventions carried out by unauthorised third parties. 

 Malfunctions or damage caused by or during the time that a user is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Fractures,damage or loss of plastic parts inclusive of the charging port, handlebar switches and plastic flaps. 




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