Nanrobot d6+ 2.0
Nanrobot d6+ 2.0
Nanrobot d6+ 2.0
Nanrobot d6+ 2.0
Nanrobot d6+ 2.0
Nanrobot d6+ 2.0

    Nanrobot d6+ 2.0

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    The Nanrobot D6+ is a high-performance dual-motor, dual suspension electric scooter that brings off-road performance.  The D6+ features front and rear hydraulic /cable disc brakes with EBS that provide solid stopping power. The suspension arms are propped up by 2 hydraulic spring shock absorbers for that extra added comfort.

    Let Your Scooter do the Talking 

    The Nanrobot D6+ features 10-inch pneumatic off-road tires that offer excellent ride comfort, traction, and efficiency for both short and long-distance rides.

    This powerhouse ensures enhanced stability to give you a smooth cruise. Just step on it, kick off, and let your scooter do the talking.

    Feel the Power

    With its 2 x 1000W high-performance dual motors, you cannot but feel the power surging during rides. And yes, the D6+ rolls out a fantastic range of 40 miles on its 52V 26A lithium battery. 

    It also features front and rear hydraulic/disc brakes with EBS that provide incredible stopping power. 2 hydraulic spring shock absorbers prop up the suspension system for that extra stability and comfort. Say goodbye to wobbles and bumpy rides!

    Why Opt for NANROBOT D6+? 

    Solid 10-inch pneumatic tires, stable deck, foldable stem, and a load capacity of 330lbs. Hydraulic/disc brakes, C-type suspension system, battery protection system, and brushless dual motors. Super illumination from the headlights and tail lights. 

    Do you want a fast electric scooter with an amazing range, excellent battery life as well as several stand-out safety features? Then the Nanrobot D6+ is your sweet bet!



    NANROBOT D6+2.0

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    • D6+ 1.0 DISC BRAKE
    • D6+ 2.0 DISC BRAKE
    • D6+ 2.0 HYDRAULIC BRAKE (60V22.4AH LG)




    • USA
    • EUROPE
    Model D6+2.0 (52V 26A) D6+2.0 (60V22.4A LG Battery)
    Size 52.1*28.8*52.5in 52.1*28.8*52.5in
    Range 30-40 MILES / 50-60 KM 18.6-24.8MILES / 30-40 KM
    Dual Drive 1000W x 2 1000W x 2
    Max Speed 34-40 MPH/ 54-65 KMH 46MPH / 75KMH
    Lithium Battery 52V 26A 60V 22.4A (LG Battery)
    Tire 10 inch Off-road Tires 10 inch Off-road Tires
    Net weight 77 lbs / 35Kg 77 lbs / 35Kg
    Load capacity MAX 330lbs / 150kg MAX 330lbs / 150kg
    Brake Dual disc / Hydraulic brake Hydraulic brake
    Charger 2 ports (comes with 1 charger) 2 ports (comes with 1 charger)
    1. The above is testing data from the NANROBOT laboratory. It might differ from the actual numbers you get when riding, depending on riding habits, terrain, temperature, and rider weight.
    2. The product pictures shown above are for reference only. The actual product might be a bit different from the above in size and specs, depending on the ordered product. 
    3. You should wear protective gear (helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads) when riding and strictly abide by local laws and regulations when riding on public roads.
    4. The product is recommended to be ridden on a flat road. Please avoid bumpy roads, slippery roads, potholes, sewers, stairs, snow, watersides, stoves, flower beds, expansion joints, construction roads, debris, and other irregular surfaces and obstacles. If you encounter irregular road surfaces such as speed bumps and potholes while riding, please hold the handlebars with both hands and keep riding at a slow and steady pace.




    Warning: It is illegal to ride electric scooters on public roads, pavements or cyclepaths in the UK. They are intended only for use on private land with the owner’s permission. It is the complete responsibility of the customer to ensure that you operate you’re E-Scooter with in all country and local laws. The customer assumes all liability and risk associated with the use of Eazy Riderz products and holds Eazy Riderz LTD and its owners free from any liability caused by their use.


    Actual mileage range may vary – weight, terrain and weather dependent.